Fraud Analysis

Regulatory Compliance solutions Fraud Analysis Fraud Analysis Inquiry and Decision Engine BTguru Fraud Analysis solutions enable you to execute data analysis to determine the risk factors that are related to potential fraud, abuse, forgery, malfeasance etc. carried out by employees, merchants, partners, end-users and customers, which may have negative financial, reputational, operational and similar impacts […]

Client Risk Assessment

Regulatory Compliance solutions Client Risk Assessments Client Risk Assessments Core & DynamicClient Risk Score Client Risk Assessment is continuously or periodically and automatically executed using weighted average of pre-defined customer attributes and live transaction related data. Base CRA Score is calculated statically using client’s core information and active activity details. Dynamic CRA Score is periodically […]

Crypto AML

Regulatory Compliance Solutions Crypto AML Know Your Client Know your clients and assess risks Transaction Monitoring Monitor crypto asset transactions and transfers Case Management Investigations and Case Analyses Know Your VASP Know your Virtual Asset Service Providers and assess risks Crypto AML Wallet Identity Analysis In the Suspicious Transaction Reporting Guidelines for CSDs published by […]

Classic AML

Regulatory Compliance Solutions Classic AML Sanction Screning & Monitoring Screen & monitor real persons, companies, and other entities against sanctions and watchlists Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Search for public functions, political influence and influential associates of persons AdverseMedia Search for unfavorable media content about persons, companies, and other entities Transaction Monitoring Monitor incoming and outgoing […]


Regulatory Compliance Solutions KYC / KYB Know Your Customer / Know Your Business Identity Verification Verify the identity of a new client during remote/online onboarding processes Document Verification Verify the authenticity, validity, and integrity of the documents shared by clients during Identity Verification Address Verification Verify the format, authenticity and active residence status of the […]

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Regulatory Compliance Solutions Services Regulatory Compliance Solutions Customer Onboarding Onboarding new clients with identity and document verification processes AML-CTF Compliance Anti Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing compliance operations Crypto AML AML-CTF compliance operations specialized for Crypto-currency transactions Customer Onboarding Remote Onboarding Identity Verification Verify the identity of a new client during remote/online onboarding processes […]