Regulatory Compliance Solutions


Know Your Customer / Know Your Business

Identity Verification

Verify the identity of a new client during remote/online onboarding processes

Document Verification

Verify the authenticity, validity, and integrity of the documents shared by clients during Identity Verification

Address Verification

Verify the format, authenticity and active residence status of the address info shared by clients


Extract raw data from photos or scans of the documents uploaded by clients and feed into other applications


Live Video Call

BTguru Live Video Call tools enable your representatives and employees to make live video calls with your potential, new and current clients.

Along with new customer onboarding processes, you can provide visual support to your current clients related to different processes and applications, such as transaction verification, password reset, technical support, remote appraisals and evaluations, making appointments, remote inspections, examinations and consultations. 

BTguru Live Video Call tools can run on your mobile apps and web interfaces, with on-premise or cloud delivery models.